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Eydolon is the leading network of Virtual Reality experience spaces.

Discover the latest immersive technologies via a series of unprecedented virtual reality experiences. With experiences adapted to everyone’s level, anyone can try out an immersion into virtual reality! Eydolon has trained its own architects to build you a made-to-measure experience.

Discover the Eydolon Space closest to you and let yourself be guided in order to become a virtual reality expert!

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  • Solo Experience


    The first Hamster Simulator Launch yourself into this frantic race in search of donuts!

  • Solo Experience

    Thomas Pesquet

    FREE TEASING - Push back the boundaries! The 1st virtual reality experience in the world produced from images shot from space by the French cosmonaut Thomas Pesquet.

  • Solo Experience


    The rules has changed ! You wanna be the best basket ball player around? In BasketHead, you are not the player but the basket! Try to catch up as many balls as you can with a basket clip to your mouth. Make combos, reach the highest score and challenge your friends.

  • Solo Experience


    Start at the top of a peaceful mountain. Find a good old sledge, put some rockets on it, and get ready for a crazy descent. See you at the bottom?

  • Solo Experience


    Ready steady go challenger! Equipped with electromagnetic impulsion systems, use your talent to defend a portal against an invasion of robots!

  • Multiplayer Experience

    MonsterPlants vs Bowling

    Defend your land! Defend your garden with your teammate with the help of the available projectiles: ten-pin bowls!

  • Solo Experience

    Hexarena Robot Rage

    Welcome to Hexarena, the most popular AI court in our system. Guilty of crimes against humanity, dangerous robots think they can go unpunished! Your mission: protect the mainframe by preventing crimebots from reaching the cloud through it and find underserved redemption. Teach them good manners by destroying them, armed with your deadly evolutionary gear. Alone or in coop up to 4, shoot straight and be the vigilante. Let justice be made, no quarter and no mercy!

  • Multiplayer Experience


    Defy your opponent and defend your position! Use your Proton Gun and aim! There can be no room for error if you want to beat your opponent.

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